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We provide a unique and specialised in look in the tyre and wheel industry providing be-spoke media solutions across all platforms and use. We complement our full service by providing correlated specialist services in market research, marketing strategy and key message strategies, branding, PR & communication, copywriting, creatives, translations & Interpretations, events and trade shows. We save our clients money by buying better.

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We focus on the clients objectives putting them at the centre of what we do helping them achieve their aims

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We ensure our clients reach their objectives by fully analysing their target audience and strategically tailoring each media plan to suit each individual client

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We work across all media in all of Europe, EMEA region and the developing countries in Latin America and Asia

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Part of Aragorn Groupe’s proceeds go to BBC Media Action www.bbc.co.uk/mediaaction/

CEAT plans to compete for a larger slice of AG tyre sector

The name CEAT is one with which users of farm equipment will have become more familiar in recent years, as the Indian manufacturer seeks to r...

Galaxy Mighty Trac ND L-4: All year ‘specialist’ for skid steer loaders

New tread further extends Galaxy’s tire range for skid steer loaders / all year ‘specialist’ for all types of surfaces / 10 % larger footprin...

Alliance AGRI STAR II: A symphony of development and practice

AGRI STAR II – the secrets behind the performance / Clearly defined deliverables: Extended tire life, competitive price point, components, co...

Convincing “upgrade” for performance of backhoe and compact wheel loaders: The new Alliance 321 Plus R-4 bias tire

New premium offer in R-4 bias tire range / Superb performance due to high tread depth and wide lugs / Robust, durable, heavy-duty compounds /...

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