ATG at SIMA Agri show


ATG at SIMA Agri show

ATG at SIMA 2019: Focus on durability, productivity, soil protection and performance for maximum customer benefit
A551 and A585: “Roll-out” for two brand new versatile tires / True world’s first: F344 Forestar ELIT as a low pressure forestry tire / Soil protection in agricultural transport: New size of the A389 VF / More load capacity, lower tire pressure: A372 VF and A354 VF row crop/ The tough league: HULK SDS and Beefy Baby SDS skid steer tires

25.02.2019 | Paris / Amsterdam
Alliance Tire Group (ATG) will use SIMA 2019 to present some of the group’s latest innovations at stand 7 E 021. This includes the “roll-out” of the brand new A551 Multiuse Professional as all season specialist with particular “winter skills”, the equally new and highly versatile A585 for hard surfaces, and the F344 Forestar Elit as true world’s first low pressure forestry tire. In addition, ATG will showcase the largest new size of the extraordinary A389 VF for agricultural transport and two tractor tires from the renowned Agriflex series – A372 VF and A354 VF for effective soil protection. Galaxy Hulk SDS and the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS will be at display as two solid tires for skid steer loaders with almost no downtime during extremely long service lives.

Alliance 551 Multiuse Professional: Safe on ice and snow
With the A551 Multiuse Professional, ATG adds yet another highlight to the proven Multiuse tire range. As “ice and snow specialist”, this tire offers reliable traction and optimum road safety for vehicles such as utility tractors and backhoe loaders used in winter services. As true member of the highly versatile Multiuse family, however, the A551 Multiuse Professional is not only a winter tire but also reliably delivers on all kinds of surfaces throughout all seasons of the year without the replacement. Of the six sizes available so far, size 440/80R34 will be on display at SIMA.

Alliance 585 – specialist for hard surfaces
The brand new A585, displayed in size 460/70R24 for machines such as telehandlers, backhoe and compact loaders, was developed for a broad range of applications. As these machines often are operated on very different yet demanding surfaces, such as soil, concrete or tarmac, the A585 features a unique tread design along with special tread compounds, and provides top reliability, performance, durability, and a long and trouble-free tire life.

Forestar 344 Forester ELIT: A true world’s first!
ATG’s F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) is a revolutionary innovation for forestry machines such as skidders or forwarders. It is the world’s first low inflation forestry tire. Extensive research and testing led to the ground-breaking ELIT technology (Engineered Low Inflation Tire) which allows the Alliance F344 ELIT to carry the same load as standard forestry tires at half the rated air pressure – with a larger footprint, impressive high traction and enhanced fuel efficiency. Special tread compounds and steel reinforcements provide the necessary durability to sustain extreme working environments during a long service life. This tire will be on display in size 710/45-26.5.

Alliance 389 VF: Focus on efficiency and soil protection
Protection of the soil is paramount. That is particularly true when large and heavy vehicles such as towed spreaders, grain wagons, liquid manure tankers and other trailers are used for agricultural transports. The effective combination of flotation and Very High Flexion (VF) allows the A389 VF to reliably deliver high flotation, minimal soil compaction, high load carrying capacity and stability at all speeds, as well as a low rate of wear. At SIMA 2019, ATG will present the new size 800/60R32 of this highly impressive tire.

Agriflex series: Reduced tire pressure, effective soil protection
ATG perfected the art of developing and manufacturing stronger VF tires which are able to carry the same load at up to 40% lower tire pressure whilst providing excellent stability, low wear, and superb reliability. Developed for machines such as large tractors, combines, wagons and self-propelled spreaders, the Alliance Agriflex A372 VF offers excellent grip, low wear and high puncture protection along with a markedly higher load carrying capacity at the same inflation pressure – or the same load carrying capacity with a 40 % lower tire pressure. This tire will be presented at SIMA in the size 710/75R42 181D.

As high speed tire, the Alliance A354 VF for row crop application has a “D” speed rating and offers perfect solutions for MFAW tractors and large capacity self-propelled sprayers. The steel-belted carcass ensures high puncture resistance as well as long service life and convincing ride comfort in the field and on the road. Designed for highly efficient operation, minimised downtime and high value for money, the A354 VF will be on display at SIMA in the size 380/90R46 173D.

Made for the tough jobs!
With the Galaxy HULK SDS in size 33X12-16 and the Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS in size 31×10-20, Alliance Tire Group also presents two outstanding tires for machines such as skid steer loaders: Both tires were developed and built as solid tires for severe duties (SDS) – and offer extraordinary reliability and service life. That is why these tires equally excel on the concrete of farm yards and in the harsh operating environments of waste transfer, metal recycling or demolition sites. In addition to reliability and service life, the SDS design also allows for an increased load capacity of both tires.

About ATG
Alliance Tire Group is a part of Yokohama Group. With nearly 60 years of experience, the Alliance Tire Group specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Industrial and Earthmoving tires under the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex brands.
ATG serves customers in 120 countries, across 6 continents and offers a full spectrum of products, from basic entry-level tires to a broad range of superior quality value-added products. All of the Group’s tires are designed, developed and tested at its advanced R&D centres around the world.
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