Alliance 643 Forestar III: Premium performance, attractive price


Alliance 643 Forestar III: Premium performance, attractive price

Extensive testing against premium competition / With tracks or without: grip and traction as “trademark” / Low wear and high load carrying capacity for highly efficient forestry operations / Highly attractive price-performance ratio / Tested in practice and highly approved.

02.06.2020 | Amsterdam

Field tests against a premium competitor tire in various regions of Europe confirm: The Alliance 643 Forestar III is a true workhorse delivering excellent performance on harvesters, forwarders, and forest trailers. In addition to massive grip and traction, this tire also scores high in terms of low wear and excellent durability, high load carrying capacity and excellent resilience even under most adverse forest conditions. Great performance and durability were confirmed during the field tests on various forwarders in Kochewo, Russia, Poland and Finland. In sum, the test results show that the FORESTAR easily stands comparison with the premium competition, but definitely taking the lead in terms of value for money.

“These forestry tires are the most modern on the market as they were only launched in 2019. They already earned an excellent reputation and deliver impressive results. Various tests against a premium tire competitor with several contractors across Europe give clear evidence of the excellent value for money that the Alliance 643 Forestar III stands for”, says Angelo Noronha, President EMEA at Alliance Tire Group. 

Made to deliver

Forestry operations mean tough environments, heavy loads, sharp-edged obstacles such as tree stumps, and a challenging mix of surfaces ranging from bare rock to sticky mud. The current state of many forests throughout Europe adds to the challenge: Due to damage either caused by storm, drought, or bark beetles, large amounts of harvested timber need to be taken out of the wood lands quickly and reliably – and that is exactly what the Alliance 643 Forestar III is designed and built for. 

The tire’s flat profile and the integration of horizontal grooves are specifically designed for unparalleled track grip and track compatibility. As tire flanks can be subject to damage during operations in impassable forest terrains, the 643 Forestar III features a deliberate curb-rib design and a unique shoulder buttress design. The first provides increased protection against side impacts or cracks whilst the latter strengthens the sidewall and ensures high stiffness of the tire. 

A wider shoulder lug with high fillet radius provides extra support to track paws and thus enhances overall lateral stability. In conjunction with inter-lugs around the shoulder region, special forestry material such as a high impact steel belt and highly puncture resistant compounds ensure excellent results: In comparison to standard forestry tires, the 643 Forestar III delivers increased wear resistance (120%) as well as markedly higher chipping and chunking resistance (140%). Last but not least, the improved hexagonal beat with its heavier nylon construction and special steel belt prevents rim slippage and bead failure, both further adding to the tire’s excellent performance.

With tracks or without …

Sometimes it is only individual operator preferences which lead to operations with, or without, tracks. In both cases, the Alliance 643 Forestar III convinces with outstanding grip and traction, excellent stability and self-cleaning characteristics also under most adverse conditions. “When working in remote forest areas, operators need to be sure that they will neither get stuck nor
experience a tire breakdown. We are convinced that in conjunction with the very attractive price, owners will surely enjoy the reliable top performance of the Forestar III – which easily stands comparisons with more expensive competition tires”, summarises Gerrit Vinkers, Application Specialist at Alliance Tire Group.

The Alliance 643 Forestar III is currently available in sizes 710/40-22.5, 710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5 and 780/50-28.5.

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