Steel-belted row crop tyre Alliance 363 VF: Complete range for front and rear axles


Steel-belted row crop tyre Alliance 363 VF: Complete range for front and rear axles

Versatile row crop tyre range for tractors, self-propelled and trailed sprayers / Alliance 363 VF, 372 VF and 354 VF showcased at Potato Europe 2022 / Advantages of VF technology of YOHT’s Alliance brand one of the key messages at the event / 

09.09.2022 | Amsterdam

The Alliance Agriflex 363 VF steel-belted row crop tyre range is one of the key treads that was showcased at this year’s Potato Europe in Germany. Particularly developed by Yokohama Off-Highway Tires’ renowned Alliance brand for row crop applications with tractors, self-propelled and trailed sprayers, the Alliance 363 VF reliably delivers: be it traction, high load carrying capacity at low tyre inflation pressure and resulting lower soil compaction, flotation properties thanks to a wider footprint, efficient self-cleaning abilities particularly for wet soils, steel belt and special compound for stubble guard protection, round shoulders for enhanced protection of the crops and good roadability due to the blocks in the centre are some of the tyre’s key characteristics. The Alliance 363 VF comes with D speed rating, i.e. 65 km/h, and a massive 10-year warranty. 

“We used the opportunity of this year’s Potato Europe as the most important event for farmers and contractors in the potato industry to demonstrate and explain the multiple benefits of Alliance’s VF tyre technology. In regards to the Alliance 363 VF, we now have a complete range for front and rear tyres of tractors and sprayers – allowing farming businesses full access to the benefits associated with either 40 per cent more load or 40 per cent lower tyre inflation pressure – both options increasing the flexibility of arable operations in potatoes – and far beyond”, says Angelo Noronha, President Europe at ‎Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT).

Alliance 363 VF for Row Crop

The Alliance Agriflex 363 VF is a capable tyre for row crops such as potatoes and any other services on a farm: thanks to the directional lug design and lugs that are divided in separate blocks, this tyre offers massive traction in the field whilst the angle of the lugs towards the tyre centre ensures good roadability. With its D speed rating, this is particularly important for tractors and sprayers with frequent transfers between different fields and the farmstead. When used as duals, the Alliance 363 VF also outperforms super single tyres in terms of soil protection due to the wider footprint. The flotation characteristics further add to the gentle and efficient performance whilst the efficient self-cleaning particularly matter on wet soils. In conjunction with the steel-belt, a special compound ensures best in class stubble protection. The Alliance 363 VF is currently available in 15 sizes for front and rear axles. Further 9 sizes are currently under development and will further widen options for farmers and contractors.  


About Yokohama Off-Highway Tires: 

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, Industrial, Earthmoving, Mining and Port and other commercial tyres. YOHT owns the world-renowned brands Alliance, Galaxy and Primex and is present in over 120 countries. With a diverse product portfolio that includes more than 4000 SKUs, YOHT is well-known for its ability to offer customers, both aftermarket and OEM, with superior quality application-specific and purpose-built tyres.

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