Stay safe! .. on steep forest slopes in Austria


Stay safe! .. on steep forest slopes in Austria

Safety always comes first for Herbert Hainfellner, Austrian forest contractor. Providing logging services in the Gutenstein Alps, Lower Austria, Herbert and his team frequently work on slopes of up to 48 degrees. In his case, the Alliance 643 Forestar III has proven to be the tire that fully meets the professional requirements.

With the motto “Your forest in good hands”, Herbert Hainfellner Holzernte is one of the leading forestry contracting businesses in Bürg, area of Neunkirchen, Lower Austria, and focusses on sustainable logging operations. 

Herbert, the owner, always looks for solutions that exceed standard performance. For the forestry professional and his company (founded in 2011), the search for individually optimized technology has become an integral part of everyday life. This applies to the new Ecoforst winch, to the John Deere Harvester 1270G and the John Deere Forwarder 1510G with particular modulations, to the Olofsfors tracks – and of course to the new Alliance 643 Forestar III tires. 

Modulations of the equipment are made – and evaluated – in cooperation with his technology supplier Öforst and in close cooperation with John Deere and Ecoforst. Whenever decisions concerning the machinery are made, Herbert follows a clear credo: “Safety first. Price second!” 

As recommended by Öforst, he choose the Alliance 643 Forestar III for his Harvester. “All in all, the old Alliance 343 pattern that we had on a forwarder up here performed really well, but was not compatible with tracks in the way the 643 is. That is why the new 643 Forestar III tires mean a big improvement. We work about 90 % of the time with tracks. They have to provide stability and reliable traction when working in these steep slopes. Even though the price is secondary, the Alliance tires also are a little cheaper than the competitor’s tires mounted on our forwarder that was bought ‘ready on stock’”, reports the logging professional. 

As safety is paramount, it is the performance that matters: “Up to now, we have covered 3000 hours with the new Alliance 643 Forestar III – and thanks to the tight fitment in the tracks, the stability, safety and low downtime, that has been the right decision. We are fully satisfied”, concludes Herbert.

As a matter of fact, Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (YOHT) was officially approved by the track manufactures Olofsfors, Clarks and Pewag for their tracks to be mounted and used on Alliance 643 Forestar III and Alliance 644 Forestar III tires. 

As tracks further add to the already highly impressive grip and flotation characteristics of the Forestar III tire portfolio, combining the positive effects of tires and tracks leads to a great performance in terms of massive grip, low ground disturbance and low soil compaction both on steep terrain as well as wet and soft ground. 

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