Alliance presents New 65 Series in AGRI STAR II family


Alliance presents New 65 Series in AGRI STAR II family

Yokohama Off-Highway Tyres (YOHT) ‘s Alliance brand is expanding its successful AGRI STAR II series by launching the new 65 series. 

21 sizes/25 SKU’s are available, which completely cover the range of front & rear combinations.
Practical experience since the market launch of the Agri Star II shows that the design of this tyre pays off regardless of the operating conditions: thanks to the unique Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) developed by Alliance, this radial tyre for tractors offers consistent traction & self-cleaning even with advanced service life and thus impresses with long-lasting performance. Farmers and contractors appreciate the good balance of grip and soil protection, efficiency and quality. 

Intelligent Stratified Layer Technology (SLT)

The SLT keeps the AGRI STAR II in consistent performance throughout its life. Each lug has two layers, each with its own profile. The first layer with a multi-angle profile and the second layer with a single angle profile.  As soon as the top layer is worn away after about 40 percent tread wear, the features of the second lug layer take effect. The changed geometry brings consistent traction & roadability for further service life – “as if it were a completely new tyre!”

With improved tyre design and lower rolling resistance, farmers and contractors save energy and fuel, which has a positive impact on operating costs and the eco-balance of the production process. 

Stability and comfort on the road

The Alliance Agri Star II not only offers outstanding performance, but also a comfortable and quiet driving experience. The tyre’s higher rubber volume in the centre of the tyre with the special lug design also ensures high comfort and good stability on the road, as well as improved skid and break resistance. The AGRI STAR II family comes with D rated speed index – 65 km/ph.

The AGRI STAR II is further characterized by the wide tyre shoulders ensuring higher contact area and better soil & crop protection in the field and pasture. A premium tread compound like stubble guard, wear resistance, cut and chip resistance compound, protects the tyre from damage; the polyester carcass offer better dimension stability and tyre growth during service. 

Multifunctional field of application 

Whether for classic field work, such as tillage, forage cultivation or on road application, the Alliance Agri Star II is suitable for almost all applications. 

With expansion of the AGRI STAR II in 65 series, YOHT hereby completes the radial tractor range in AGRI STAR II.

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