Media Planning

See why our planning works better for you

What we do:

We analyse who you want to reach, we focus on your results and asses the geographical area you want to target. We plan media based on your best possible return on your investment, implementing and managing the whole campaign from start to end and then assess the results of your campaign where possible.
We cover Online Media, Print Media, Tv & Radio, Outdoor and International Media.

What you achieve with Aragorn Group:

Working with Aragorn Groupe allows you to have the most specialised in look in the industry as we only specialise in the tyre industry allowing us to cover all sectors from the Farming, Construction, Industrial, Truck & Transport, ATV /4×4 to all other pertinent sectors among this industry and across all geographical areas.
You will reach a higher percentage of your target audience as we run as part of our service to you a specific targeted research based on your specific target audience.
You will increase your savings as we will offer you the best cost based on the volume of business we have brought to all media owners and businesses amongst the years in this industry – making your money go that much further.
Ultimately with Aragorn Group you will achieve your desired  media results.